Turmeric Face Mask, 2oz

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UPDATE 10-3-16: A customer contacted me today and said she showed this mask to her dermatologist and he/she approved all of my ingredient choices. I am very thrilled by that nod of approval!


Lightens the appearance of acne scarring, evens skin tone, and helps reduce pore size. Also great for blemishes, blackheads, dark spots, hyper-pigmentation and other minor skin conditions.

All the ingredients in this mask have great skin benefits as described in our highlights section below, but the combination of cinnamon and turmeric alone can help heal and reduce the signs of post acne marks.

Turmeric, is a spice, used for centuries in South Asia for cooking and beauty products. Turmeric is a great natural ingredient to treat many skin problems and help promote flawless skin.


BENTONITE CLAY - draws out toxins from the skin, shrinks your pores (noticeably just after a few uses), prevents breakouts, and leaves your skin soft and smooth.

COLLOIDAL OATMEAL - provides a protective film attracting humidity and reducing friction.

TURMERIC - helps reduce the appearance of scars and inflammation. Turmeric fights off signs of aging, uneven skin tone and removes dead skin cells.

HONEY - helps speed healing and prevent infection. Honey helps provide youthful, radiant and smooth skin and fights off harmful UV rays.

DRY MILK - helps provide even skin tone, smooth skin, shrinks pores, fights fine lines and wrinkles.

CINNAMON - has been used for thousands of years as an antiseptic, astringent, anti-fungal and antiviral aid. Cinnamon is also an exfoliant and can stimulate pores, thus helping other ingredients to absorb into the skin.

ALOE VERA – provides excellent hydration for dry or damaged skin. High in Vitamin B, C, folic acid and carotene.

After removing the mask your face will look pink for approx 15-30 minutes. This happens because of the toxin pulling bentonite clay and the blood circulating power of the turmeric and cinnamon. Not to worry this just means the mask is working!

Weight: 2 oz
Packaging: pouch 5" x 3" x 3/4"
Ingredients are simple, yet powerful: Bentonite clay, colloidal oatmeal, turmeric, honey, whole milk, cinnamon, aloe vera

You will receive a instruction card with your order.

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